Thursday, August 26, 2010

Indian contrasts - 1

Just got back from a two week trip to India. I saw the following mind boggling juxtaposition of scenes on same day in different locations in Chennai:

According to, the Porsche Cayenne in the first photo costs more than 75 million Rupees. I have no idea what a cycle rickshaw costs but its safe to say that its a lot lower. Cycle rickshaws have been plying the streets of Indian cities mostly unchanged since the 1940s.

In terms of conspicuous consumption and sheer unsuitability to Indian conditions, its hard to beat the Porsche Cayenne - despite its incredible bulk, its just a four seater. Its enormous width would make it just about impossible to maneuver in most of the narrow streets of Chennai. Even the low-end Cayenne is grossly overpowered for most Indian roads. Finally, given the chaotic traffic, its only a matter of time before it gets dinged by some uninsured rattletrap...